Our Fleet

Virtual United's fleet consists of the following aircraft:As of May 2018, United's fleet consists of the following aircraft:

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Airbus A319
A319 160 477kts 41,000ft IAE International Aero Engines V2524-A5 3,672nm 67 more info
Airbus A320
A320 150 488kts 41,000ft CFM56-5B4 3,078nm 97 more info
Boeing B737
B737 149 511kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B22 4,400nm 40 more info
Boeing B738
B738 189 588kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B27 4,000nm 141 more info
Boeing B739
B739 215 511kts 41,000ft CFM56-7B27 3,200nm 146 more info
Boeing B744
B744 660 530kts 45,100ft Pratt & Whitney PW4062A 7,262nm 2 more info
Beoing 757
B752 239 530kts 41,000ft Pratt & Whitney PW2037 3,915nm 51 more info