About Us

Virtual United (VUA) was founded in 2018 on the basis of flight simulation within the flight simulation community. We are not in affiliation with any real-world airline; just a group of enthusiast simulating the routes of United Airlines, its merger with Continental Airlines.

We welcome pilots that want to fly the way they want. Although we have ranks and virtual compensation, the significance is placed on the quality of PIREPS. Typical VA’s place heavy significance on flight hours and ranks, although we track this as well, it says very little about the quality of the flight. Our automatic PIREP system grades each flight to ensure our virtual passengers experience nothing less than excellent. So, go ahead and jump on the flight deck of an A330 or 744! So what are you waiting for? Let's fly together.

We also take great care about our pilot's security very seriously, our website runs a 256 bit SSL encryption and we run malware scans daily not to mention our website firewall, Can fly with peace of mind that your information is protected.